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Zodiac Guide to Pampering

Indulgent gift ideas based on astrological star signs

Still stumped on gift ideas for a special someone? Consider using a system—in this case, astrology. Learn which pampering gift ideas match each zodiac sign in this guide from the indulgence experts at Lovery.

  •  Aries (Mar 21-Apr 19)

Impatient, action-oriented Aries loves a shortcut. So why not treat the ram in your life to a Body Mask kit that ensures they get maximum benefits in no time? Runner-up ideas: Fitbit to stay in competitive shape; a full-length mirror to make sure they’ve still got the moves.

  • Taurus (Apr 20-May 20)

Earthy, sensual Taurus is no stranger to pampering themselves: you might say it’s their love language. Lavish the Taurus on your list with a loaded spa gift basket full of botanical essentials that leaves no indulgence undiscovered. Runner-up ideas: an ultra-plush bathrobe; a cutting from your favorite plant.


  • Gemini (May 21-Jun 20)

Cerebral, lively Gemini loves to meet new people and see new places, but all that toing and froing can take a tool. Gif the zodiac twin in your life to a relaxing, lavender-scented Self-Care kit to inspire regular serenity sessions. Runner-up ideas: a chic weekender bag; a meditation app or audio book subscription.


  • Cancer (Jun 21-July 22)

Intuitive, emotional Cancer craves regular escapes from life’s everyday pressures. Luxuriantly long showers are the antidote for their stress—delight your special crab with a set of aromatherapy Shower Steamers to soothe their senses. Runner-up ideas: a pretty fabric-covered photo album; a DNA testing kit.

  •   Leo (July 23-Aug 22)

Glamorous, creative Leo loves looking their best while making a statement (or stealing the spotlight). Show your favorite Lioness how much you appreciate her style with an extravagant gilded Spa Basket. Runner-up ideas: a tiara or fabulous spa turban; an improv class where they can get a chance to shine.

  •  Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22)

Organized and possibly a bit obsessed with cleanliness, Virgo likes nothing better than a self-care routine that leaves them fresh and moisturized. Present yours with a comprehensive Spa Bath & Body Set redolent of white flowers. Runner-up ideas: a Masterclass gift card; some fancy, fragrant laundry detergent.

  •  Libra (Sep 23-Oct 22)

Alluring and romantic, Libra loves creating something—a look, a message, a vibe—and then making it a moment for everyone. Lavish the Libra on your list with a Body Gift Set that’s as chic and feminine as they are. Runner-up ideas: a pair of great-sounding earbuds; a silk pillowcase in their favorite color.

  •  Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21)

Passionate and loyal, Scorpio revels in using their magnetic charm to collect secrets… and old flames. Treat the scorpion in your life to a Home Spa Set worthy of a seductress, a spy, or just someone with fabulous taste. Runner-up ideas: a tiny spy camera; a true crime podcast subscription.

  •  Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 20)

Flamboyant and restless, Sagittarius lives to explore new frontiers, even when they’re only figurative. Appeal to your favorite archer’s wild streak with a leopard-themed Spa Kit that smells delicious. Runner-up ideas: smart luggage to keep them connected on the go; the course catalog from a local university.

  •  Capricorn (Dec 21-Jan 20)

Despite their reputation, the executive of the Zodiac isn’t all work and no play—often they party as hard as they hustle. Show the goat in your life that they’re the “greatest of all time” with a Spa Gift Set that comes in its own train case. Runner-up ideas: elegant cut-crystal rocks glasses; a VIP pass to their favorite museum.

  •  Aquarius (Jan 21-Feb 18)

Forthright and progressive, Aquarius appreciates being, looking and acting a little different than most. Give your water bearer a Bath & Body Gift Set that makes them feel seen and admired. Runner-up ideas: a deck of tarot cards in a style they like; a box of temporary hair dye in an outrageous shade.

  • Pisces (Feb19-Mar 20)
Dreamy, intuitive Pisces is the healer of the zodiac, focusing on others and forgetting to take care of themselves. Encourage the fish on your list to soak up some serenely therapeutic energy with a month’s worth of luxurious Bath Bombs. Runner-up ideas: a set of luxurious bamboo sheets; a pair of extra-soft, fluffy slippers.

Everyone loves pampering themselves. It’s the perfect way to de-stress and relax after a long week!

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