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Transitional Body Care Basics

Learn how to treat your skin right, year ‘round

Just like you switch from sweaters and boots in the winter to tees and sneakers in the summer, it pays to make similar trades for your skin and body care routine when the weather changes. Here’s how to finesse the hot/cool transitions and keep your skin looking and feeling soft, hydrated, and cared for—all year ‘round.


When temperatures drop, your skin is often on the front lines. Save face (and body) even when it’s below freezing with these tips:

  •  Upgrade Your Moisturizer

Opt for moisturizers with thicker, richer formulas during fall and winter, with ingredients that trap and seal moisture gently: think hyaluronic acid, glycerin, niacinamide, beta glucan or aloe vera. Think body butter instead of lotion, body balm instead of cream, etc.

  •  Combat Redness

Maintain an even, irritation-free complexion by treating your skin to extra-gentle skin soothers like centella asiatica (aka cica), aloe, peptides, chamomile and oat extract. Pump up your cold-weather regimen, from serum to night cream, with these ingredients to soothe things out ‘til spring.


  • Mist For Maximum Moisture

Adding mist to your skincare routine year ‘round could be the one upgrade that takes your complexion to the next level. Whereas you can spritz more lightweight versions during warmer weather (like tea tree or lavender), fall and winter call for mists that contain humectants like honey or glycerin to keep skin looking hydrated.


  • Create Some Atmosphere

Invest in a good humidifier to boost the moisture levels in your home’s air. For the most bang for your buck, choose a model that’s sized right for your bedroom and focus on reaping benefits while you sleep. If you want to go the extra mile for softer skin, equip your whole house with humidifiers. For an extra-sensual experience, try one of the new versions with an aromatherapy component to tailor your mood while you hydrate your skin.


  • Lavish Your Lips 24/7

Once temperatures take a nosedive, it pays to carry a lip balm or moisturizer with you everywhere you go. Whether you opt for a tropical scented balm like our coconut version, a soothing lavender lip soother, or a slippery polypeptide bomb, don’t forget your to moisturize your kisser when the weather turns cold.


  • Do Hide Behind Masks

When it comes to targeted mega-doses of hydration, you can’t beat masks. From facial sheet versions to masks you can wear on your hands, feet, and body, you can find a solution for every skin concern. While it’s wise to focus on your face and body, if there’s one area to not leave off the list, make it your neck.



Once the weather turns milder and warmer, there are certain tradeoffs that just make sense for your skincare. Here are some swaps to ensure your skin keeps looking great once the temperatures soar:

  • Oil Up

Switch to an oil-based cleanser to keep skin from drying out: yes, you heard that right. Water-based cleansers may seem like the obvious choice for warmer weather, but their harsh, soapy side effects—skin tightness and dryness—can sink your skin’s health in spring and summer. If you’re worried that using an oil cleanser will clog your pores, a clay cleanser is a great in-between option that also adds exfoliating properties to the mix.


  • Shower Smarter

Believe it or not, one of the most effective methods to adapt your skincare routine for spring/summer lies in tweaking your bathing habits. Switching from baths to shorter showers (duration 10 minutes or less) and avoiding too-hot water that can strip your skin of vital moisture will go a long way toward saving your skin from transitional blahs.


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