Sweet Almond Deluxe Bath Set (9PCS)


LUXURIOUS BATH SET   ❤ Step up your beauty routine with this deluxe spa basket. It includes everything you need to spoil yourself from head to toe. Looking & feeling great is effortless when you have everything to fortify your skin with moisture. Take a relaxing bath using our salts, bath bomb and lotions. Envelop yourself in the enriching scents of sweet almond with the body mist spray and exfoliate your skin with the puff. The Gold Wired Holder is perfect to keep toiletries, candies and more. Our bath set will leave you feeling beautiful from your head to your feet!/span>

Get Ready For a Bath Experience Like You've Never Had Before!

Sweet Almond Gift Set Includes
  • Sudsy Shower Gel provides a long-lasting scent (150ml)
  • Soothing Bubble Bath lets you relax to the max (150ml)
  • Rich, Emollient Shampoo replenishes moisture (150ml)
  • Silky Hand Soap for the utmost cleanse (150ml)
  • Uplifting Body  Mist to refreshen yourself (120ml)
  • Energizing Bath Salt detoxifies your body (100g)
  • Invigorating Body Scrub reveals new skin (200ml)
  • Sensual Bath Oil for relaxing massage (30ml)
  • Rose Bath Bomb is a therapeutic treat (150g)
  • Bath Pouf provides luxurious lathering
  • Blank Lined Gift Note attached to write her a heartfelt message
  • Black Ribbon for the ultimate presentation
  • Gold Wired Candy Dish for preparation and storage
About the Fragrance

SKIN SAVING ALMOND OIL ♥ These bath and body cosmetics are infused with sweet almond oil, not only giving you a most pleasant and invigorating fragrance, but it is the best thing you do for your skin! Rich in vitamin E, it keeps skin cells healthy, helps retain moisture and can even help protect your skin from UV ray damage! 
Delight your senses and allow the sweet almond good to embrace your body for a luxurious trans formative experience. As you unwind and relax in the calming almond aroma, let your hair, skin and body revel in the benefits of the powerful antioxidants, fatty acids and protein the sweet almond offers.

Indulge With a Bath Gift Set That's Good For Your Body & Environment!
Our signature line of Bath & Body Items are formulated with a blend of pure ingredients,
making it the perfect choice for all skin types - normal, dry, oily, or sensitive.

Enriched with Shea Butter which nourishes & moisturizes skin. Enriched with Vitamin E which provides age-reversing antioxidant properties.

Lovery's Bath Products are 100% Paraben-Free and Cruelty-Free for a Luxury Spa Gift Set that Provides Quality With No Compromises!