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The Tools of Seduction — Gifting a Spa Basket for Valentine's Day

The day of love draws near. And with every passing second, so does the dread of finding the perfect Valentine's Day gift!

You’ve already tried every option (or are buying a gift for the first time!), and you know you might be in for trouble if you end up picking something unromantic and boring!

Oh, your partner won’t say anything. But they’ll surely let you know how they feel through their passive aggressiveness!

To avoid such a problem, why not choose something that’s tried-and-tested as one of the best gifts you could give for Valentine's Day; a spa gift basket!

The Journey of a Spa Treatment

Journey of a Spa TreatmentThe great thing about a spa basket is that it’s the gift that keeps on giving! Filled with a number of great spa and skincare products, these bath products aren’t just one-time deals. Your recipient is able to use them for as long as they want. And every time they do, they’re reminded of you!

Think of it as a variant of Pavlov’s theory of learning. With something as wonderful as a gift basket, these products let you make a good impression on your loved one. It lets them know that you’ll only give them something that’s top quality. And that sets a good precedent!

The Benefit of a Basket

Benefit of a Basket

Aside from your basic shower gel and bath product combo, gift baskets include a number of products, including bath bombs, body butters, and lotions, as well as massage oils and stuff — all of which you can use to your advantage!

Using these products will give them a day of relaxation!

Starting with the bath salts and bath bombs, you could easily set up the whole bathroom so they can lie back and relax. And once they’re done, use the other products to give them a massage!

Lovery Recommendations!

While we do have plenty of gift baskets at Lovery, there are some that we think would work perfectly if you need them for Valentine's Day:

Any of the above spa gift baskets will work perfectly!

Order one today and use a bath set to take your beloved on a wonderful journey of rest, relaxation and a whole lot of pampering!

Everyone loves pampering themselves. It’s the perfect way to de-stress and relax after a long week!

And that’s why you should get your loved ones a bath and body spa set. These baskets are full of beautiful gifts that scream, “I appreciate and love you!”

From fragrances to bath bombs, scrubs and shower gels, they’ll get the ultimate holiday gift and a special treat! Our spa bath gift baskets are tailored to include the best products from our collections so your loved one gets the best of what we offer!

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