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The Secrets of Yore — Skincare Treatments Used Throughout History

Using white-lead-and-vinegar mixtures for skin whitening, blood for blush, and even raw meat facials to give your skin a healthy glow — let’s just say that our ancestors had too much time on their hands when it came to skincare tricks.

But not all of their skincare remedies were as hit-or-miss as the ones above.

Throughout history, there have been quite a few amazing remedies that were used to aid and improve skin condition. Using just natural ingredients, here are some remedies that might just come in handy now too!

Skincare Treatments of Old

- Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt

Beauty in Ancient Egypt wasn’t just about aesthetics. The purpose of most cosmetics and skincare treatments was to protect yourself from the elements, such as insects and the sun. To protect their skin, Egyptians would use Moringa, sesame, and castor oils to preserve their skin and fight wrinkles. Others would use a milk-and-honey combination to moisturize their skin, adding some sea salts and even milk to rejuvenate, heal, and exfoliate.

- Greeks

For ancient Greeks, skincare products and cosmetics were entirely made from natural, local ingredients. So you’d see a lot of treatments that would mix fruits with milk as facial masks, use essential and olive oils as moisturizers and exfoliants, and of course, milk-and-honey as your average anti-aging mask!

- Medieval Times

The 12th century saw medieval Europeans using many herbs to improve their skin. During this time, fair white, flawless skin was regarded as the epitome of beauty. So people would use various herbal remedies that included cucumbers, rosemary, and aloe vera to not just cleanse the skin, but also to diminish marks and pimples and clear out pores.

- Renaissance Period

Renaissance Period

This era wasn’t as good for skincare as it was for culture. Women would often use lead, chalk, and silver mercury to color their faces white. But those who knew better would also pair this practice with herbs and honey to cleanse and clean their skin. A great trick was to use bread soaked in milk or rose water to soothe out puffy skin and eyes.

- Victorian Era

Hygiene was held in high regard during the Victorian Era. Products were made to be less expensive, and were made accessible to everyone. However, skincare products would often use harsh cleaners to lighten and bleach the skin. But some would also use egg yolks, oatmeal, and honey to clean out pores. It was also during this time that Vaseline, baby powder, and chapstick were invented.

- Before the Millennia

It was in the 1900s that we saw the world’s attitude change toward skincare. More and more home remedies began being incorporated into commercial skincare products. More people became invested in actively taking care of their skin and overall health. All this lead to the millennium—during which many companies came forth with their own natural skincare lines (such as Lovery)—offering products specifically designed to provide premium skin nourishment

The Current Era

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