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The ‘Right’ Way of Using Bath Bombs

No, you didn’t read the title incorrectly.

Contrary to what most people believe, there is a right way of using a bath bomb.

To clarify, we aren’t referring to the process of dropping one in the bathtub and taking pleasure in the swirls and color changes.

You have to keep in mind that these hard-packed balls of joy use a number of different ingredients, which if you’re not careful, can cause skin allergies and irritation, or just leave a film of glitter on your once-pristine bathtub.

So before you unpack a bath bomb and light up those candles, here’s what you should know beforehand!

How to Enjoy Your Bath Bomb

- Know How Long You Should Stay In

Bath BombAsk any woman how long she should stay in a bath and she’ll say “until my fingertips wrinkle and the water starts getting cold!

Unfortunately, we can’t follow the same idea when using a bath bomb. Typically, you should only stay in such a bath for 30–40 minutes, but the length of time can vary according to the ingredients used in the bath bomb. Some essential oils can impact your skin and cause harm if you’re exposed to them for too long. So take care.

- Make Cleaning Up Easier

Those flower petals from all your past bath bombs can clog your bathtub!

Wrap your bath bomb in a small cloth bag or even a nylon stocking and drop it in the water. The oil, fragrances, and detergents will have no problem passing through the fabric, and the petals will all stay in one place.

Once the bath bomb dissolves, you can take the stocking out and throw away the leftover stuff.

- Cut it in Half

Even if you’ve bought a small tub’s worth of bath bombs, it’s important to use them in a smart way given that they can be expensive.

So save up your bombs by cutting them in half. Use a serrated knife and start grating the circumference where you see the two halves joined together. Use one half and save the other one for later.

- Don’t Over Do it

Don’t Over Do itYour bath bomb is a hefty little sphere that’s made of some very powerful skincare ingredients. So upping the ante by adding even more to the bath is definitely overkill.

The more the merrier isn’t applicable to using bath bombs, so just stick to using the bomb alone for your relaxing bath. 

- Know Your Skin

Know Your Skin

You can’t enjoy a bath bomb if you’re allergic to the ingredients! Before choosing a bath bomb, find out which products and ingredients you might be susceptible to. This’ll not only save you money, but it’ll also keep you safe.

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