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The Medicinal Properties of All Flora

The fact that most floras have some sort of medicinal benefit should not come as a surprise to anyone.

For a long time, flowers were our main source of medicine and were used to treat everything; from constipation to anxiety and tension. Although modern medicine has somewhat overtaken the use of flowers as the preferred route of treatment, this tradition has not died out.

In fact, it has grown, mostly thanks to the many years of study that have provided us with answers regarding how flowers work, how they affect us and what exactly it was in the flora’s biological structure that allowed it to give our body the nutrition and treatment it needs.

Here are some details on the more popular flowers and their benefits for human health.


Medicinal Properties of Rose

The ideal flower in beauty and in effect, the rose is an edible flower with high vitamin C content. Known to induce the release of dopamine, the happiness hormone, the rose is often recommended for people suffering from stress and depression. Even just a whiff of its fragrance (or chewing on a rose petal) can do enough to soothe those nerves for a while.


Medicinal Properties Chamomile

Often used for aiding sleep and calming an upset stomach, chamomile is considered a healing flower and is often used as an anti-spasmodic for stomach issues such as cramps. This is also why doctors recommend chamomile tea to women who suffer from painful cramps during their periods.


Medicinal Properties Lavender

Another popular flower, lavender is a common ingredient in most anti-acne and antiseptic products. However, lavender isn’t just a miracle worker for your skin alone. In addition to its skincare effects, lavender works wonders for people suffering from sleep issues and stress. In fact, if you simply spritz lavender fragrance on your pillow, it’ll soothe you enough to help you fall into deep sleep.


Medicinal Properties Rosemary

That’s right; it’s the same one from your kitchen! Rosemary is an essential medicinal herb and is mostly used for improving mood and helping boost memory and concentration levels.


Often used for reducing the effects of anemia and for cleansing your system, the dandelion is a useful flower that goes one step further and works as a great tool in weight loss as well. Consuming it allows your body to lose excess water weight, which is great news for those who suffer from bloating.


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