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The Medical Benefits of an At-Home Spa Day

Throw in a bath bomb, light a candle, and crank up that Enya track; you probably feel like you’re being pampered by angels!

Yes, coming home early and luxuriating in the occasional warm and scintillating bubble bath is lovely. But when you think about how much your body truly needs some TLC, do you really think a weekly bath with a bath bomb is enough?

We understand your predicament.

While an at-home spa day is a tempting prospect, it can feel like you don’t have the time to do all that’s needed to set things up.

But if you put in the effort to give yourself some love and care, you’ll be amazed at the benefits you gain from it, some of which we’ve listed below!

Softer Skin

- Relaxed Senses

Put your phone away and close your eyes. Let the buzzing in your mind relax and just focus on not thinking. One minute in and you’ll feel your brain relaxing, your shoulders un-tensing and your eyes softening.

Now imagine all this, paired with some titillating fragrances, warm water lapping at your muscles, and the dissolving sugar/salt scrub massaging your skin. No spa employee hovering by, no strangers near the vicinity. It’s just you in your company. Now that’s a treat for the senses.

- Pain Relief

The steam and the warm water can do wonders for your joints and body aches. In addition to helping your muscles relax, the warm water soothes your bones as well, and improves blood circulation to different parts of your body, sending oxygen and nutrients to cells and organs that need it the most.

- Relief for Respiratory Conditions

There’s a reason why doctors recommend that you take a steam if you’ve got a stuffy nose. Sitting in a bath with the steam rising really helps clear the airways, which in turn soothes cold, cough, and asthma symptoms. Think of it as a special at-home heat treatment that’s initiating your body’s purifying process.

- Improved Energy and Vitality

An at-home spa day wipes all that metaphorical grime off you. It also helps that the different oils used in the spa products give your body the nutrition it needs. So afterward, you feel light and energetic, ready to take on the world.

- Softer Skin

Spa products such as massage oils, body wraps, bath salts and butters re-mineralize your skin, giving it the elements and moisture needed to help it stay nourished. As a result, you get rejuvenated, exfoliated skin and refined, cleaned pores.

Are You Tempted?

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