The Best Christmas Gift Ideas 2021

The Best Christmas Gift Ideas 2021

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Christmas 2021 is coming and with Covid taking up a big part of the year everyone needs to feel pampered. Home Spa's are great Christmas presents for your mum, grandma and sister. Give your dad, brother or uncle something different this Christmas with these great home spa bath and body cosmetic gift baskets.   




Red Rose Fragrance Bath & Body

There is no better Christmas present than the gift of stress relieving relaxation and calming bliss.This stunning holiday gift basket will help transport a special lady in your life into a paradise of sweet, delicious fragrances that will sooth and invigorate her body and spirit. SHOP


Red Rose and Jasmine Fragrance

With its SPA GEL EYE MASK you get a  tranquil facial experience right home    and relieve stress with the therapeutic  hot and cold compress

It not only helps you relax and unwind, but can help puffy eyes, dark circles and relieve headaches and migraines. The mask is reusable and has a pretty red "Christmas" glitter effect. SHOP

Strawberry and Sandalwood 

WONDERFULLY WOODSY - Infused with strawberry and sandalwood scents, these bath and body cosmetics are not only beautiful.

The strawberry is rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids which can help treat aging skin. Sandalwood fragrance is relaxing and calming, and known to help one achieve mental clarity and improve focus. SHOP




 Velvet Sugar 

T'IS THE SEASON FOR SUGARY SWEET  Infused with natural fragrances that evoke sweet memories and warm nostalgia, these velvet sugar bath and body cosmetics will instantly calm and soothe your mind and spirit. This holiday season, relax and unwind with these relaxing, mood boosting scents. SHOP 


Red Rose & Jasmine

CALMING JASMINE AND RED ROSE BATH ESSENTIALS - Experience pure indulgence as you soak in the serenity of Jasmine and Red Rose scented and infused bath products.

As these gels and bath salts soften and moisturize your skin, the uniquely formulated fragrance will soothe and relax your entire body, putting your mindand heart at ease.SHOP

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