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Sugar for the Soul… The Power of Sugar for Your Skin

Sugar has gotten a bad rep over the years, mainly because of its association with tooth damage, weight gain and cancer among other health issues.

So the fact that we’re actually talking about how good sugar is, might as a surprise to some of you.

Nevertheless, for those who know the truth of the matter, you know how beneficial sugar can be, especially for the largest organ of your body: your skin!

So What’s The Trick?

With sugar, you can’t really just take a spoonful each day with your tea and hope for the best!

To really benefit from the many qualities of sugar, you have to understand its characteristics.

Learning about Sugar

Sugar has a rough structure, which makes it handy to use as an exfoliant. In fact, if paired with the right essential oils, sugar not only scrubs away your dead skin, it draws moisture into your skin, thus keeping your body moisturized. Keep in mind that sugar is a natural humectant. So using it with any number of ingredients and oils will only enhance its effects.

Additionally, with sugar’s glycolic acid content, the ingredient basically breaks down the glue that holds your cells together, thus triggering cell turnover, which results in fresher skin. However, with this function, while it is very useful for aging or damaged skin, keep in mind that sugar is still rough.

So if you have very sensitive skin, it’s best to ask a professional before applying any homemade sugar scrubs or products on your body. Otherwise, there’s no need to worry. In comparison to salt, sugar is actually gentler than its counterpart, and more hydrating.

Learn about sugar

When applying any sugar product, just do a small patch test first to see if the product causes any rashes or such. If not, then apply liberally!

Buying Sugar from Lovery!

At Lovery, we combined sugar with one of the softest ingredients in our collection: vanilla!

Perfect for sensitive skin, this combination not only hydrates and exfoliates; it works deep into your skin to help your muscles relax as well.

In addition, we offer other sugar-based organic spa gift baskets too. But if this is the first time you’re trying sugar in skincare, the Warm Vanilla Sugar Spa Bath and Body Set would be the perfect fit for you.

Buy it from Lovery today, and experience the true effects of sugar through premium-quality paraben-free products!

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