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Salt and Brine and Scents: What are Ocean Fragrances Made Of?

Can you capture the strength and power of the ocean in a bottle?

Probably not! But as humans who have persevered through the toughest of challenges, at least we can say that somehow, we have captured the fragrance and spirit of it.

For the layman, you’d think that the ocean would smell of… well, fish!

In truth, through a combination of different fragrances, we have done the impossible. Just one whiff of this heady concoction, and we’re instantly transported. You practically feel the sand beneath your feet, the wind against your face, the roar of the ocean that should intimidate you, but actually relaxes you.

But how did we attain such a feat?

Let’s find out!

The Scent of the Sea

It’s only when you study the basics of aromachology that you understand how greatly smells influence us. All our memories are connected with fragrances, which is why smells like vanilla cookies or even the smell of paint trigger childhood memories for a lot of us.

With the scent of the sea though, it’s actually quite difficult to pinpoint what it is exactly that gives our senses so much pleasure. For a lot of people, the scent of the sea is a combination of salt, wind, seaweed, algae, and of course, fish. For others, it’s a combination of land and vegetation along with the saltiness of the water.

And speaking from an aromachology point of view, even with its uniqueness, there are plenty of fragrance notes that can be combined to at least mimic the smell of the ocean, if not completely embody it.

Scent of the sea

Basic ocean fragrances are typically made from a cocktail of scents that bring a briny, salty quality to the mix. But let’s not forget that while we have a huge collection of natural scents, there are plenty of synthetic chemicals that are also added to achieve this signature oceanic scent.

For natural notes, you’ll typically see fragrances such as seaweed/kelp, oakmoss, patchouli, ambrein, musk mallow, etc. that are combined with some synthetic notes to achieve an ocean smell. However, most of the time, these scents are mixed with some other notes as well that are considered summer scents, or more beach-y scents. You’ll find hints of pineapple, vanilla, rum, banana, coconut, frangipani in the complete scent too.

Nevertheless, even if you want just the signature marine scent, it is this concoction that’ll give your olfactory senses the ocean experience you want.

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Experience the ocean

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