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Powers of Peony Essential Oil

The peony flower is beautiful. The scent, the colours they are so lovely to see in the summer sharing their beauty with the world. When we looked at new scents, we looked into Peony because of its distinct fragrance and its fabulous health properties. 

One thing is for sure is the Peony fragrant is very beautiful. It's calming and romantic. It's a fragrance you can come back to but it's different. 


 Fresh Peony Scented Spa Bath & Body Gift Set



If you re only hearing about Peony now its been around a while. For centuries, it's been used as a herbal remedy to treat everything from menstrual cramps to liver disease and now we enjoy primarily in cosmetics. 



What has been found is there is a little more to Peony than being a beautiful white flower. It packs a punch with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It's great at protecting and treating your skin. Our skin being out in the sun gets damaged, and Peony oils can deliver relief to your stressed skin. This is especially true if your out and about exposure to the sun and elements we just got you a professional bodyguard for your skin. 


Peony provides such a level of care that your skin will be protected from pollution, premature wrinkling, sunspots. Applying Peony in the morning and throughout the day is the best way to care for your skin.  



What has been recently discovered is that Peonies contains Paeonol. This compound adds antibacterial, anti-fungal properties to an impressive list of properties. Peonies will strengthen the skin's defences and helps it heal but could provide deeper healing properties. 


Peony is excellent with other scents and essential oils we've paired Peony with Jasmine for a relaxing and mighty combination for your skin. 


While Peony can put on an impressive display of natures magic to protect our skin it doesn't replace sunscreen. 


You'll have a lot of fun with peony products and let us know what you enjoy the most. 




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