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Out of the Doghouse… So You Forgot to Buy a Gift for Valentine’s Day?

It was a long day of work.

You had a lot of stuff to do.

Your paper was due that week.

While all of these might seem like justifiable excuses for why you forgot about Valentine's Day, they’re still, in fact, excuses. So if your partner is angry that you forgot about the official day of love, they aren’t exactly in the wrong.

However, this doesn’t mean that there’s no hope for redemption. After all, despite the anger, they still love you. That’s exactly why they’re so angry, because they couldn’t celebrate with you.

This is why it is your duty to redeem yourself! The tips below can help you do just that.

Here’s What You Do…

Take the Day Off

If not possible during the week, plan a pampering weekend instead. Make sure that no one disturbs you or your partner during that time. Plan everything ahead of time (even ordering the pizza) and double-check so nothing is delayed. This is your one chance to make things right and earn some extra brownie points alongside.

Order Everything Two Weeks in Advance

Got some special plans? Like a full spa day, a home-cooked meal, or maybe some lingerie for a special night? Order everything at least 2 weeks before so it arrives on time! Store any edibles in the refrigerator and get the prep work done when your partner isn’t home. Hide the spa gift basket you’ve ordered from Lovery in the car or under the bed. You want to show your partner how much you worked to plan this day. Do it right!

Get a Bouquet

Get a Bouquet

And a relatively expensive one at that! Don’t think that just because you’re planning a full-day celebration, you can skimp on the little things. Google “local florist near me,” choose a florist, and find out whether they can get big bouquets delivered to your address. Only go to your local supermarket for flowers if you’re desperate.



People want to know that you’re making an effort for them, and cooking is the best way to show this effort. We’re not asking you to make a full-course meal. A small dessert, even homemade Mac and cheese will do the trick. Search online for easy to make recipes. If your partner wants to, let them join in on the prep. A little flirting while cooking never harmed anyone!

Plan Some Intimate Time

Some Intimate Time

No need to get hot and heavy during the day. Personal time doesn’t always need to be physical. Take this chance to plan some time together in each other’s company. And make it special by having a full spa day at home. Light up some candles, drop in that bath bomb from your bath set and set a table by the bathtub for your flutes of some choice champagne. Just be in each other’s company. Snuggling is necessary!

Go Forth and Conquer their Heart!

Add your own touches here and there and make up for the day you forgot. And remember to whisper this phrase:

Valentine's Day might be over, but this doesn’t mean we can’t have our own personal day of love!

It’s cheesy, we know.

But when you’re in love, even cheesy works!

Everyone loves pampering themselves. It’s the perfect way to de-stress and relax after a long week!

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