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Mother’s Day Celebrations on a Budget: DIY Tips for a Spa Day at Home

Taking a day out to visit the spa is a must for all the ladies out there. It’s an excellent way to unwind and treat yourself to a relaxing day; a nice massage can melt away all your stress.

Which is why a spa day with your mom is the perfect Mother’s Day gift. However, going to the spa isn’t always an option. Whether visiting a spa is out of your budget or you think a DIY option is a better way to bond with your mom, here are some ways to have the best spa day ever at home:

Plan the day in advance

Most of us don’t have all the tools and products that are needed for an at-home spa day. Plan ahead for the day. Make a list of the things you want to do. Will you be doing a scrub, a mask, a massage, a pedicure, or a manicure?

Depending on what you want to go for, you’ll need a scrub, masks, bowls to soak your mom’s hands and feet, all the tools for manicures and pedicures, acetone remover, etc. You can easily buy these things from a nearby drugstore.

When it comes to products for your at-home spa day, you need some Lovery in your life. Our spa gift baskets for women have all the products you need to get smooth skin and a delicious fragrance.

Have enough linens and towels on hand

Spa days are all about lounging around in a plush robe and getting a relaxing massage. To keep the calm vibe going, make sure you have enough sponges and towels on hand. Massages done with oil can get really messy. You wouldn’t want any oil to stain the furniture; make sure you have all the furniture covered well.

A quick makeover of the bathroom

The bathroom is an important part of your spa day, especially if you’re planning on soaking your mommy’s tired toes in some warm water. Make sure your bathroom is spotless. Give it a deep clean and light some scented candles in advance or even use a reed diffuser.

Prepare a beverage

Prepare a beverage

Don’t you love the beverages that are served when you first walk in to a spa? Many spas have their own special beverages. Since spas focus on wellness and overall health, the drink you make should reflect the same. Don’t opt for a fizzy, sugar-filled beverage, instead make a lemon and cucumber infused drink or some peppermint tea. This will help your mom relax and enjoy the day.

Turn off the world

The number one tip for total relaxation is to cut off from the rest of the world. Make sure the television is off, your cell phone, your mom’s cell phone, and most importantly your Wi-Fi off. Play some calming music if you live in a noisy part of town. The sound of water dripping or wind chimes are ideal to set the mood.

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