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Lovery Bath Bomb Mood Decoder

Do you speak “bath bomb?”

Chances are, if you enjoy taking baths, you already love bath bombs. But did you know that in addition to moisturizing your skin, alleviating stress and soothing tired muscles, bath bombs can be used to manifest a specific mood, almost instantly? Find out how to tailor your bath bomb experience with this guide.


When your serotonin and dopamine levels drop, you can bet your mood can’t be far behind. Perk up fast by reaching for a bath bomb that smells like chocolate—studies show the cocoa-y fragrance leads to feelings of well-being and contentment.


If you want a bath to boost your get up and go, opt for one containing coffee, the scent of which has been shown to improve alertness.


Want your time in the tub to lead to romance? Studies have shown that the scent of strawberry is a powerful aphrodisiac, so choose your bath bomb accordingly—and don’t forget to add candlelight!


A warm, fizzy soak can be relaxing all by itself… but add bubbles scented with lavender and your chances of falling asleep should increase dramatically.


When you’re facing a long day, sometimes you need a break before facing the fray again—that’s when you should grab a bath bomb loaded with effervescence and a luscious, minty fragrance, so you can bounce back with renewed calm and confidence.

 Bath Bomb Safety Tips

Ready to give bath bombs a try? Follow these tips to ensure your mood and your skin remain stress-free.

 Keep it all-natural: avoid bath bombs with ingredient lists that include potential skin irritants like talcum powder, glitter or any substances to which you’re sensitive.

 Wrap them up: if you’re concerned that your bath bombs may contain drain-clogging components, try wrapping them in an old nylon stocking, organza jewelry pouch or cheesecloth to filter out larger particles.

 Test for allergies: always new test bath bombs before diving in; rub against the inside of your elbow and wait 48 hours to rule out allergies or adverse reactions.

 You can always trust that Lovery bath bombs are all-natural, crafted from the finest ingredients and enriched with cocoa and shea butters to nourish and moisturize your skin. Try one today and see what they do for your mood and more!

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