Kids Will Love These In The Bath

Kids Will Love These In The Bath

Do your kids like to take baths? Let's transform baths into playtime with bath bombs for kids. Sounds too good to be true? Well, let me show you.

Being in the water and the bath can be fun. Your kids can bring some bath toys and fun bath bombs, and you're all set. Its become a regular addition to bath times in my house.


When my kids were young, they hated the bath. On a shopping trip, I found some fun water toys, and they played with balls and fun animals and had a great time. It changed the whole bath experience.

When they saw my bath sets and my bath bombs, they were enthralled and wanted to try one. I let them try one, but I wanted to look for something that was also baby safe and child safe for the bath. Lovery Kids sets are great, and they love them.


Keep it natural
It's good to feel confident that Lovery's bath bombs are all natural created with the children in mind. Special care was taken to make these bath bombs the best experience for their skin and their playtime in the bath.

Are their bath bombs for Kids
These bath bombs are great for kids. Created in fun shapes and bright colors, they can play and enjoy the great fizz and scents that part of amazing bath bombs. One of my kids won't go to the bath without one of their bath bombs. It's become an enjoyable part of a great bath experience.



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