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Here are three essential oils you can enjoy and benefit from this summer.

We are not letting COVID get in the way of a great summer. Playing outside, travelling and enjoying the great weather. 


It's lovely to have relaxing days outdoors, but you need to be careful. The outdoors lifestyle increases the possibility of dry skin and sunburn. 


Having the creams, lotions, and essential oils will help you to keep your skin healthy while enjoy your summer plans. Don't forget to pack these essential oils and skincare products along with your sunscreen before you go off on vacation, a day trip or relaxing with friends backyard. 


Here are three essential oils you can enjoy and benefit from this summer. 



 Lavender has got to be one of the go-to oils. It is so relaxing and is perfect for the summer. The summer is great, but the sweat pouring down your face is not a good look, and a build-up of sweat can be harmful to your skin. That's right. The build-up of sweat can form sebum to build up in your pores which can cause blemishes and acne on the skin. Lavender can come to the rescue and protect your skin from these adverse effects of sweaty skin. 



Chamomile Roman 

I hate it when I get burnt and bitten after a day out at the pool. Chamomile is so calming and gentle oh the skin it helps with irritated skin and bug bites. The sweet floral notes that make up the chamomile oil is a sensational scent for the Summer feeling relaxing and chilling. 


Tea Tree

Tea tree oil might be a powerful tool after long walks. Tea tree can help sore skin after walking and excessive rubbing. Rubbing it into your feet can cool down tired feet. 


So while COVID might be getting us down we should enjoy the summer and the great weather. Dont forget to try these essential oils. It'll make your summer even more enjoyable.  

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