A Special Home Spa Gift Basket for Your Grandma This Mother's Day

A Special Home Spa Gift Basket for Your Grandma This Mother's Day

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Over the last few weeks, we have been seeing the elderly receive Covid-19 care kits. A home bath gift baskets should be part of their care kits to help them manage. They are at such risk at this challenging time, surviving with only basic support, they need our love and attention. 

 They might be our biggest heroes doing so much to enable the incredible opportunities we enjoy every single day. 

 Unfortunately, Covid-19 hits the elderly hard, so it's fantastic that many organizations go out to care for these vulnerable and loved members of our community. 

 We are right now heading toward Mother's Day and all we can think about is our grandmothers inside with no contact from their families.

 This year a Mother's Day gift is part of the health kits to keep them safe and well. 

 So we started to think of some good gifts that are perfect for Your Grandma. In the past you might have sent flowers or some chocolates you know she likes. 

 How about something that can remind her of better times with some classic fragrances and cosmetics she can enjoy.  


Lavender and Jasmine Spa Bath and Body Set in a Cosmetic Bag


Indulge in the calming, relaxing effects of lavender essential oils with our lavender scented and infused bath essentials.  Lavender has been around for ever. It grows wild and its the mood molding power that has made it a favourite for basically everyone. Your grandma will enjoy the serenity, calmness and relaxation that lavender fragrances are known for. With everything going on she will appreciate having a moment to  relax her mind, and leave her feeling delightful all day. 


Coconut, Lavender and Honey Almond Spa Bath and Body Gift Set in Wooden Crate




We picked this one for the almond scented products and the possability of trying a little bit of everything. It seems essential, after all, it's just a nut, but the sweet marzipan notes in this fresh fragrance is one we know your grandma would happily enjoy all day long, whether in the bath or while applying the moisturizer. We picked it because its a scent that your grandma will recognize, and its an utterly sensual experience. The benefits don't stop there. Almond oil is packed full with antioxidant-rich and vitamin E. The beauty benefits will nourish her skin, add shine to her hair, and give everything a healthy glow.


French Vanilla Spa Bath and Body Gift Set



Who can resist the tantalizing warm notes of sweet vanilla sugar as they sooth, relax and invigorate your body and spirit?

This powdery vanilla scent is a sexy classic. It's not candy-sweet, either. Inspired by the love of an Indian Emperor for his wife (for whom the Taj Mahal was built), this delicious fragrance starts fresh and light, with lemon and bergamot, and reveals itself to be sensual and soft, with base notes of vanilla and incense.


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