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Get Well Gift Guide

The inside scoop on self-care ingredients that help beat inflammation

There’s nothing worse than being sick… and inflammation lies at the root of most illnesses. Follow our guide to health-boosting ingredients plus recommendations for body care gifts that contain them, and your giftee is sure to be on the mend and feeling like a new man or woman in no time.

  •  Aloe

If you’ve ever used aloe to treat a sunburn, you may already be familiar with its skin-soothing, cooling effects… but the healing properties of this cactus-like plant go much further. In addition to being an anti-inflammatory, aloe is an antimicrobial packed with vitamins C and E, plus loads of beta-carotene. Treat your giftee to an aloe-rich body butter to ensure they recover and look glowing in short order.

  •  Chamomile & Green Teas

Known to contain high concentrations of powerful antioxidants, you may have noticed chamomile and green tea showing up on the ingredient lists of your favorite creams, lotions or serums in recent years—both of these herbal extractions can have soothing, brightening effects. Bath teas are becoming more popular as this knowledge catches on; if you think sipping a cup of steaming, fragrant tea is relaxing, just imagine the calm after immersing in entire tubful! Try tucking a few tea bags into your ailing giftee’s goodie bag and wait for the compliments.

  •  Oatmeal

Help your ‘patient’ get better quicker with a gift that features oatmeal. This hearty, satisfying grain can help combat dry skin, calm redness and is also useful as a gentle exfoliant. Look for body care collections that feature oatmeal soap or bath tea for an immersive spa experience that will you’re your recipient feeling better, fast.

  •  Cucumber

With its long history as a tried-and-true beauty ingredient, cucumber’s anti-inflammatory benefits stem from a rich supply of vitamin C and caffeic acid. Reach for its skin-soothing hydration to relieve symptoms as varied as dry skin or under-eye puffiness whenever you’re sick, stressed or tired. If someone you love is under the weather, our Cucumber Melon Bath & Body Gift Set will make them feel right as rain.

  •  Epsom Salts

Famous for its ability to relieve aches and pains, an Epsom salt bath also promotes recovery by soaking away stress and sloughing away dry dead skin cells. Lavish your giftee with an octet of aromatherapeutic bath salts and hasten their recovery (and post-recovery glow-up) all at once!


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