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Ethical Self-Care Buying Guide

How to choose eco-friendly, sustainable products

You may already know to look for labels like “clean” and “cruelty-free,” but you’ll need to do a little homework to keep politics out of your pampering routine altogether. Start by shopping sustainably packaged, ethically sourced gifts from Lovery, and follow this quick, simple guide.

  •  Honor the Sources

Even though many body care and beauty manufacturers have begun eliminating parabens and other toxins from their labels, you can never be too vigilant when weeding out potentially harmful products from your self-care routine. Remain on the lookout for unethically sourced ingredients like palm oil, which contributes to deforestation around the world. Another name to be wary of if you find it on an ingredient list is squalane. A natural component of sebum, squalane can strengthen the skin barrier, boost your skin’s moisture retention, and minimize skin impurities and pollutants. However, many forms of squalene are derived from shark liver oil

  •  Honor the Cycle

Look for products that are packaged in recycled materials and can also be recyclable themselves, like glass, plastic and paper. What’s more, choosing gifts that contain reusable elements, like partially recycled bottles that can be refilled and used multiple times, you can help break the toxic cycle that’s flooding landfills around the globe. Many Lovery collections come packaged in containers that are meant to become permanent parts of your beauty regimen. From glass perfume bottles to cosmetic bags to take on your next getaway, our spa collections make it easy to gift responsibly.

  •  Honor the Animals

If you or your giftee loves animals, opt for vegan self-care and body care gifts. This is also a useful filter if you’re shopping for corporate gifts, because more and more consumers are looking to retailers and businesses to take the lead on ethical product sourcing. Ingredients to avoid if you want your gifts to qualify: collagen, honey, beeswax, lanolin and silk.


Memorize this cheat sheet for your next shopping trip down the beauty or bath aisle, and when in doubt, double-check new purchases against Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep database—it’s a comprehensive, ranked listing of brand-name products and ingredients so you know which item is safe for your skin and the earth. Shop safely!

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