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Essential Oils for Hair Growth

We love essential oils. That's why we have incorporated them in all our baskets. For shampoo, adding essential oils is something unique and distinct. It takes a good shampoo and upgrades it to a luxury hair care product. You're washing your hair with a multi-action shampoo product that complements your home spa kit and beauty regimen. If you've never had a home spa before and never used a shampoo with essential oils, you're missing a memorable experience. 


Essential oils have so many benefits beyond feeling good essential oils have properties that are proven to heal. Let's look at three essential oils that are particularly great at giving your hair a fantastic shine.  



Rosemary is a great scent that has made its way into our kitchens and bathrooms. Its essential oils are fantastic on the scalp to strengthen your hair. Rosemary stimulates and regulates cell repair. Shampoo and shower gels embued with rosemary oil will provide these great benefits while cleaning and soothing and relaxing with a phenomenal scent. 



Lavender is another classic that's known for its calming scent. Its calming properties are far more affirming on your body and mind. Skin damage is what Lavender is known for, and it gets straight to work to heal and soothe your skin. A Shampoo, your scalp will love you. 



Orchid oil is a luxurious oil. Like all essential oils, it has its combination of a unique scent and eye-opening health benefits. Orchid's essential oils dont weigh down the hair when applied like other oils may do. This characteristic makes it perfect for more delicate hair. When using hair products, you want all the goodness to be absorbed, orchid oil's light definition promotes that absorption in the hair. It's this definition that makes orchid work so well with other products, and in Lovery's Shampoo, you'll see how your hair will style after using the product. With further orchid assistance, hair that has had chemical treatments, whether that's colored treatments or other treatments, your hair will retain more moisture and shine and won't have that tired look associated with treated hair. 



Why is geranium essential oil so great for your hair? Healthy looking hair starts with the scalp and managing the oils naturally produced in the hair. Geranium essential oil effectively controls that Sebum and reduces excess oil in the hair. By focusing on the oils around the hair follicles, geranium oil regulates dryness and promotes lush and shiny hair. 




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