Covid, Mental Health and 5 Ideas To Help

Covid, Mental Health and 5 Ideas To Help

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The pandemic has been hard on a lot of us. Everyone is staying home, and some have lost jobs, a reduction in income, with everyone home, it can be too much. We miss our friends, family, and our mental health suffers; it can put anyone in a depressed state. There has been a lot of discussion about how the pandemic has impacted our health. We have seen very little open discussion about our mental health.

Some of us have anxiety dealing with stress; some find ourselves being consumed by what COVID is doing. We might lose sleep, appetite, and our lives. We need to speak to someone.

It's ok to look for help and talk to people that can listen and provide support.

We wanted to find a few ways to help us not get to that point.

Create fun and excitement
Create excitement and fun while you're stuck indoors. That could be making fun recipes or start a fun art project. We all have our own individual interests. Choose something that would never do because of time. One way or another, you have more time on your hands, and its time to give yourself something that you really enjoy. It will take your mind of COVID and hopefully get you laughing and enjoying yourself.

Excercise is one that comes up when dealing with stress. Does exercise release powerful chemicals in the brain? That improves mood and gets the blood pumping in the brain. It's an important part of being healthy in general, but when your feeling down, it can cause great change. You dont have to train to win awards. Start small and easy. Start with a few pushups or squats, what you feel like. You might feel great immediately.

Go for a walk
On a similar note, getting out and going for a walk can be a form of meditation, and the fresh air can clear your head and make yo7u feel like new you. I know COVID puts a new twist to going out. Find a time and place where there isn't a large crowd and enjoy a walk. It does have to belong. Bring a friend for conversation and relax.

Take regular baths
Taking a bath is like a walk. It's soothing and can reset your mind and body to feel great. It's worth the effort if you dont take baths to explore a relaxing and therapeutic bath to help you through COVID blues.

Have a home spa
A home spa set takes an enjoyable bath to the next level. If you take a spa set from Lovery, you have everything you need to pamper yourself and bring up your mood with great beauty products. Men can enjoy them as well. You just have to be open to the experience. These spa sets are powered with essential oils. The essential oils all have a slew of healing properties, so while the scents are relaxing, your boy can really benefit from the properties in oils.

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