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five benefits of Body Butter Magic

You want to look your best going out with friends you get cleaned up, makeup, clothes and some fabulous shoes your ready. You might look the best, but some of those cosmetics and creams might be terrible for your skin and your body. They can be overloaded with harsh chemicals, synthetic fragrances, or parabens, preservatives, microbeads and other dubious ingredients.


At lovery, we want you to feel amazing but also treating your body right. All our products are paraben-free and produced with natural ingredients. 


Natural body butter is divine. They are thicker than body creams and our packed with natural goodness. Body Butters are produced by extracting essential oils from shea and many other nuts and fruit to protect your skin in numerous ways.  


Here are five benefits of Body Butter 


1. A great all-body moisturizer. 

A good time to use it is after your bath in the morning while your skin is still moist. Massage the butter with broad massaging action, throughout your body that will moisturize and prepare your skin for the day ahead. Be careful not to apply too much, so your skin doesn't get greasy.  


2. Revitalize your hair! 

Because of the essential oils in a quality body butter, it can treat all parts of your body. Using it on your hair can help revitalize dry or damaged hair. 

Take a little and warm in the palm of your hand and then apply to your hair. You can wash it with warm water and let it to dry. You'll see the silky results and enjoy the scents on your hair. 


3. Neglected areas like neckline or lips 

With moisturizing and deep tissue properties body butter can moisturize and bring that shine back o neglected areas. Take a little in your hand and warm-up and use massaging action to apply to your chest, neck or lips.    


4. Body butter answers the dryness in elbows and knees. 

Body butter comes in these adorable little pots. They are perfect for leave by your desk, in your bag or by your bed. You can have them at easy reach so you can soothe your skin when something is bothering you. They smell so good, you'll feel better. Problem areas will benefit from a second layer rubbed in. 


5. Remove makeup. 

If you hate removing your makeup, you need to try this. Apply some body butter on a pad, and you'll love how easy it all comes off. 

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