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A Really Relaxing Hot Bath

An age-old secret is a good bath. For many of us, we don't need to push ourselves to fill up the tub, get a bath bomb or bubble bath bring some wine and light a candle. Enjoying a serene bubble bath has some great hidden treasures. It can be an excuse to drink wine or enjoy your favourite treat, but there's more going on here. You can mind body and soul with a good bubble bath.


1) Muscle Relaxation

Bubble baths are great at helping the body heal from the daily pummeling your body and muscles receive. The lying position is conducive to meaningful relaxation. The hot water alone, without anything, relaxes the muscles. Any treatment is going to do your body a world of good. Letting your body and muscles to relax will get the blood flowing around your body and dissipates any tension. When you overexert your body while your body is under pressure like an unwanted weight, you increase the prevalence of injury and increases the likelihood of acute pain. These phenomena are only heightened by uses of bath salts, essential oils, and other means of aromatherapy.



2) Skin Care

So all that hot water, what about a warm bath? While you're enjoying the bubbles, the heat from the hot water is relaxing your body and pushing blood around your body. The water is also allowing your skin tissue to refresh with the help of the improved blood circulation. Soaking in a bath is not just relaxing, but you're hydrating your skin and bolstering your immune system. So you reduce the likelihood of common sickness like a cold and flue. The heat also pries open your pores and gives a helping hand to keep your skin clean. 



3) Sweating

How hot is hot enough? A warm bath is meant to be enjoyable, but there benefits to really hot tubs. Under that hot water, your body can begin to sweat. The sweat releases additional toxins from your body and kicks your lymphatic system up a level. Sweating in the bath makes sense. You relaxed. You don't feel gross, and your body is in better shape, good job!


4) Mental Health

The perfect bubble bath takes you to a different place — a place with no worries, a quiet relaxing place where you can relax. The fantasy is important because our lives can be so busy and stressful. Taking some time to feel some self-love is important and rewarding. When you relax and find your place, serotonin is released. Serotonin is known as the happiness chemical and is released when we feel happy and excited.    


5) Sleeping

Having a relaxing bath before bed will help you get an excellent sleep. As part of healthy sleep, your body's temperatures fall a little during the night. It then produces melatonin, which the sleep chemical. With a nice bath, your body is warmer, and the reduction in temperature is more acute, which gives you more melatonin and better sleep.

Everyone loves pampering themselves. It’s the perfect way to de-stress and relax after a long week!

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