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A Night of Passion! Planning the Perfect First Night

It’s been a while since you’ve been in this exciting new relationship. And finally, you’re at that point where you’re both ready to take the next step, the very important step.

So, no pressure!

All you have to do is make sure that this is the perfect romantic night to top all romantic nights. Easy-peasy!

Before you start panicking, here’s our take on this ultra-romantic night.

In truth, there is no definition of perfection when it comes to dates. For some, a perfect date might include a 5-course meal at a Michelin star restaurant and a helicopter ride. For others, it might include a movie and pizza.

So instead of taking inspiration from movies, why not follow a basic guide and put your own spin on it?

Here’s What You Need

  • A day off from work (for both)
  • A well-cooked meal, preferably dinner, nothing too spicy or pungent
  • A clean atmosphere
  • A no-cellphone zone (your entire house, basically)
  • A spa gift setfrom Lovery 
  • A small bouquet of flowers
  • Candles

Here’s What You Do

You can’t really feel comfortable knowing you have to go to work tomorrow. So weekdays, including Friday, are out. Sundays would offer the same problem, since you and your beloved will be more worried about work. Keeping that in mind, Saturday would be the ideal choice.

Once you’ve decided; take care of the basics. Clean up your house, wipe the floor, wash the dishes, do the laundry — tap into your inner Cinderella and clean your home from top to bottom, keeping in mind that you’ll definitely have your prince or princess by the end of the day!

Get the laundary done

After that, it’s time to get started with dinner. You want something that fills your stomach, but just enough. Stay away from any food that uses too many spices, garlic or anything that might make you want to brush your teeth after. Have a good bottle of wine open and leave it to breathe so it hits that sweet spot later.

If you’re both non-drinkers though, stick to a good ol’ fashioned tall glass of water.

The Added Touches

While the food is cooking, use the Lovery lavender bath set and set things up around you. Make sure to ask if your partner is okay with special treatments like a massage. If so, get those sensual oils out and make sure they’re at room temperature. Place candles around the room to give it that added gentle ambiance.

The added touches

This is the first night, though so we don’t want you to be too prepared. Just a few small touches here and there would work fine for now. As for the rest of the basket, keep it handy for your next dates.


When they arrive, present them with the special bouquet and lead them in. Put both your phones on silent then proceed with the order of the day.

Don’t Be Nervous!

Don't be nervous

Always take a deep breath before opening the door to calm your nerves. Be yourself, and just let the evening play out.

With this small guide and a bit of help from Lovery, you’ll surely have a wonderful night that you’ll remember in the years to come!

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