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6 Perfect Scents for the Perfect Gentleman

Of all the key styles that men’s perfumes usually utilize for their signature notes—aromatic, citrus, chypre, floral, leather, oriental—not all of them appeal to the true gentleman. For a true gentleman, their preferred fragrance has to embody elegance and grace, perhaps a certain hint of sensuality, all wrapped under the guise of masculinity.

And for that, only a few from the fragrance family qualify! Here are the top most popular fragrance notes most loved by gentlemen!

1. Spice


Sure, spices such as rosemary, cinnamon and ginger etc might heavily be used in baking and cooking. But it is their irresistible flavor and quality that makes them so appealing for men. Spice scents are exciting, warm and invigorating and especially attractive to women. Spices are also connected to sexual arousal in both sexes, which is definitely a plus!

2. Clean


Citrus, green notes as well as top notes of rose are considered to be some of the cleanest fragrances. Loved for their fresh, uplifting smell, clean fragrances exude a sense of calm and power, which is why many businessmen often prefer clean fragrances.

3. Earthy


Think along the lines of sandalwood and even almond! Earthy aromas when mixed with florals are meant to invoke a sense of masculinity and warmth, which a lot of men prefer, since it attracts women as well.

 In fact, if you take sandalwood, it’s one of the most popular scents of all, since according to scientific study; many women subconsciously connect sandalwood notes to that of andosterone, a chemical secreted by men.

4. Intense Florals

 Intense Florals

Jasmine and rose are considered masculine scents in most parts of the world. Both are regarded as seductive fragrances, especially when combined with simpler notes such as spice and other subtle floral scents. Well-rounded and sweet, both jasmine and rose have this fruity yet fun element to them, making each a great option for those who like balanced, sharp scents.

5. Citrus


Lemon, orange, grapefruit—all of these are meant to give that freshly-washed, energized feel which a lot of people love. Also with citrus notes, the fragrances aren’t usually too overwhelming, since the low molecular weight of the oils used allows the top notes of the product to come off well, giving you that sparkle that you need.

6. Aquatic


Ocean is a typical classic fragrance. A great combination of the fresh sea breeze with hints of green notes and some intense florals thrown in, oceanic fragrances bring together the best elements from other fragrance families. This is mainly why oceanic fragrances are the most popular choice amongst all ages.

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