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6 Health Benefits of Cucumber Essential Oil

Who hasn't put slices of cucumber on their eyes. Its the image of pampering and relaxation. We want to cool our eyes and relax them, and cucumber oil has this cooling capability that with its nourishing characteristics for the skin, is so calming.

At the heart of Cucumber essential oil is linoleic acid and oleic acid that is a tremendous powering attack and defense. Skin conditions of types from sunburn to acne and psoriasis will defuze any skin drama

Vitamins B1 and Vitamin C join the two acids we mentioned. Together they detoxify the skin and remove any dirt and bacteria that has acummilated throughout the day. These active agents dont let acne through the door so they dont reach your skin.

then the anti-inflammatory and cooling finds keeps the skin calm preventing condition or damage to the skin to escalate.

Prevents Ageing Signs
Cucumber essential oils hates free radicals and skin damanage. The antioxidants in cucumber gets rid of those free radicals saving your skin from terrble damanage. Its helps your skin fight premature againg and wrinkles by adding moisture to your skin mainiting tht youthful glow on your skin.

Nourishes the Hair
Cucumber contains silica and sulfur, minerals that improve your hair's health from root to hair tips. With cucumber oil, you'll strengthen your hair and reduce your hair's chances from becoming brittle or becoming week at the root, which causes hair loss. Cucumber also has moisturizing properties that hydrate your hair and protect your hair from dry scalp.

A great tip - use cucumber oil befre going swimming or heading to the beach. You'll have that cucumber oil hair protection

Keeps Your Body Free from Toxins
Cucumber has anti-rheumatic, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. So if you want to enjoy a detox without the pain cucumber oil spa basket has everything you need. Enjy the csmetics embued with this power packed oil and see the magic happen. It will help you flush out excess fluids, salts, fats, uric acid and urea. You can start again in a helthy place to let your body handle everything yu throw at it and remain free from infection and disease. It treats inflammatory conditions such as swelling, redness, gout and rheumatism.

Able to Treat Digestive Problems
soothing action Cucumber il applied anywhere on your body it starts to cool and calm the area. In the case of a digestive issue it can help reduce the chances of ulcers and stoach issues. By masaaging cosmetics with cucumber oil you can feel the area recieve that calming and cooling treatment. Its another layer of defense from suffering from these issues and feel really great.

Helps Maintain Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Levels
The serol in cucumber is shown to help reduce cholesterol levels. The fibre, magnesium and potassium can help blood pressure.

Cucumber oil is a relaxing oil. built with many active properties. You'll love that cooling feeling cucumber is known for and incoprated into your beauty and skin regimes you'll feel to live another day rejuvenated

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