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5 Subtle Scents for Sensitive Noses

It’s been a minute and a half since you last took a great big sniff of something that smelled amazing and lived to tell the tale.

With your overly sensitive nose, you can’t help but wonder if you’ll ever be able to take a whiff of those warm chocolate chip cookies or that bouquet of roses without getting a heavy migraine and a lot of nausea.

Nevertheless, even with your sensitive schnozz, there’s no reason why you should go your whole life without letting your olfactory senses go on a heady journey!

Here are some scents that’ll work perfectly for you!

1. Lavender


Probably one of the more popular scents because of its relaxing properties, lavender is often used by people with sensitive noses because it reduces inflammation during allergy season. Lavender is also used in aromatherapy as a mood relaxer, so you’ll definitely be giving yourself a treat with a lavender-scented perfume or any other lavender product!

2. Orange


It might not seem like it; given that orange is a true citrus scent. But the oil can be very lovely, especially when paired with lime or vanilla. Loved for its uplifting, invigorating qualities, orange is more refreshing than overwhelming and can help release tension, especially amongst those who have anxiety or depression.

3. Sandalwood


Sandalwood is a homey scent. Distinctly warm, creamy, and smooth, sandalwood is the preferred fragrance for perfumes that combine floral, woody, and citrus notes. Its creamy wood and subtle powdery smell make it perfect for sensitive noses that like a bit of musk and velvet as their signature scent.

4. Vanilla


Sweet, relaxing and perfectly pure, vanilla is a crowd favorite. Loved for its soft notes and baby powder-esque scent, vanilla is used in a bunch of popular products, from beauty-related products to air fresheners. Classic and simple, vanilla is an ideal scent for sensitive noses, especially if you want something that’s nostalgic in its fragrance profile (remember those vanilla cookies we used to eat when we were little!).

5. Rose


Rose is a staple scent in the fragrance industry, perhaps because it’s also one of the most compatible scents. Though it smells a lot different than its original source, the fragrance is loved because it takes the powerful smell of rose and turns it into something soft, sweet, and essentially berry-like. Romantic and subtle, rose is your fragrance if you’re tired of all other scents.

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