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5 Products That Will Turn Your Bathroom Into a Spa

Most of us are overworked, stressed out, and in need of a relaxing holiday or a great massage. Unfortunately, because of our busy schedules, doing so isn’t always possible. But what if we told you that you don’t have to go to the spa; the spa can come to you! You can easily make your bathroom into a spa to have your own calming getaway whenever you need it!

You want your bathroom to have a luxurious and zen feel to it. You want to feel like you’re in a spa when you’re going through your nighttime skin routine!

Here are some products to invest in to get that spa-like feel:

Bathtub tray caddy

Who doesn’t love to have a long bath in warm water? The best baths include a glass of bubbly, your favorite TV series, loads of bubbles, and maybe even a quick snack. A bathtub caddy makes all of this possible. It’s essentially a tray for your bathtub. It can hold wine, your cellphone, tablet, and a book, among many other things. Not only is it functional, but it also looks beautiful. And if you get it in a bamboo finish, it’ll look divine.

A luxury showerhead

Most of us take quick, 5-minute showers every day. There aren’t enough hours in a day to take a bath regularly. A luxury showerhead can give you a much-needed head massage. It has an adequate amount of pressure to release the stress in your tired muscles.

A plush shower robe

A plush shower robe

If you’ve never thought of towel robes as essential linen, you better think again! A plush bathrobe will transport you to a luxurious 7-star hotel in seconds! The soft and fluffy fabric is uber comfortable to lounge around in. it keeps you warm and you might even doze off on the couch while wearing it.

Body scrub

Our skin renews its cells regularly. As a result, a layer of dead skin is left behind. Dead skin is rough and makes our bodies look dull. Exfoliation a couple of times a week is essential for getting rid of this buildup of dead skin and revealing your glowing complexion. Your skin will feel like butter after a body scrub! Take out an extra 10 to 15 minutes twice a week to do this. You’ll get a gentle massage out of it and supple skin. Body scrubs also smell super yummy!

Lovery’s white rose jasmine spa gift set includes a luxurious and renewing body scrub that makes your skin brighter, giving it that ‘lit from within’ feel.  

Bath salts

If you have a bathtub in your bathroom, you have to invest in bath salts! They are affordable to buy and look pretty in a nice jar in your bathroom. Adding bath salts to your bath can really help you relax. Salt and warm water are known to take away stress, reduce muscle and joint pain, and help you relax.

Lovery’s cherry blossom bath & body gift set includes an energizing bath salt that detoxifies and relaxes you. The set also includes many other products that will give your soft skin and melt away your stress.

We have many other gift sets to choose from on our website. Treat yourself to our top selling sets like Ocean Bliss, Honey Almond, Warm Vanilla, and Jasmine. Shop our online store today for the latest deals. Our spa gift baskets also make the best birthday presents.

Everyone loves pampering themselves. It’s the perfect way to de-stress and relax after a long week!

And that’s why you should get your loved ones a bath and body spa set. These baskets are full of beautiful gifts that scream, “I appreciate and love you!”

From fragrances to bath bombs, scrubs and shower gels, they’ll get the ultimate holiday gift and a special treat! Our spa bath gift baskets are tailored to include the best products from our collections so your loved one gets the best of what we offer!

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