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5 Non-Cliché Scents for Summer You’ll Love

Summer fragrances don’t normally stray far from the classic citrus and fresh, ocean-like options.

But let’s not forget, summer is an all-encompassing season. It offers a lot more than those limited few scents that you’re used to. You just don’t know it yet.

Below are 5 understated summer scents that are perfect for the sunny season!

1. Rose


The rose is a summer flower. But it leans more toward the heady side of fragrances, usually being limited to romantic scents and such.

Regardless, the rose is still a primarily summer scent that has a spice and heaviness to it that fits just right with the warm season.

Keep in mind, though, that rose encompasses a number of different roses, which means the intensity of the fragrance might be different depending on what’s used. A white rose smells quite different than a red rose!

2. Magnolia


Love citrus but hate the heavy cloying fragrance? Magnolia might be perfect for you then!

The lemony, floral flower offers a lush, refreshing scent which, while not overwhelming, does make a statement if you wear it. With a magnolia-scented perfume, you’re guaranteed to turn heads.

Quite fragrant with its creamy sweetness and light citrus note, magnolia is also one of the most common ingredients in floral-themed perfumes.

3. Rosemary


Yes, we’re talking about the culinary herb your grandmother loves to use way too much!

Rosemary has a camphorous note to it; sort of minty, rustic, and quite understated. In the same category as pine and eucalyptus, rosemary has a tendency to assault your olfactory senses if you take a huge sniff of it, which is why some companies combine rosemary with other fragrances such as mint to create a sense of balance.

4. Honey


Honey may be a bit too sweet on the tongue, but in terms of fragrance, honey is a crowd-favorite, mostly for its subtle, sweet, and floral notes.

Predominantly herbal and woodsy, honey has a somewhat hedonistic feel to it, which is why it is often considered luxurious and rich, especially when compared with other gourmand-style fragrances.

Yet, honey is also said to be quite comforting and soothing. So you could call it the Goldilocks of fragrances.

5. Lavender


Clean, licorice-like and very relaxing, the smell of lavender suits summer perfectly! Rich in color and odor, lavender offers sweeter, floral notes that can be adjusted by combining other notes such as pines, rosemary, orange blossom, and bergamot into the mix.

Typically considered a masculine fragrance, lavender has nonetheless made its way into feminine fragrances as well, and is not widely considered to be the fragrance of choice for people who like a sophisticated scent.

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