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4 Ways to Treat Your Workaholic Partner

Ask any workaholic what they’d like as a gift; their answer would most likely be 8 solid hours of sleep. However, for your workaholic partner, you know they deserve even more than that!

They work hard, they play hard and they want to live their life to the fullest. But with all this hustle-and-bustle, all this gabbing about, you know your partner is plain exhausted. Therefore, they’ve earned some time for rest and relaxation.

Here are some ways you can give them just that!

1. Netflix, Favorite Food, Foot Mask, Quick Shut-Eye

Netflix, Favorite Food

Here’s a simple idea; switch onto Netflix, Zulu, whatever your network is and put up their favorite show. Arrange for their favorite food and make sure it’s warm and toasty by the time they come home. As an added bonus, get them a foot mask so they have an excuse to rest their feet. Once they’re fully fed and relaxed, push them in the direction of the bed and let them sleep.

Why: Workaholics often want to do everything, all at once. And they end sacrificing their sleep so they can complete it all. Take charge as soon as they come home so they know that their usual habits are just not going to fly today.

2. A Full Movie Night

Full Movie Night

It’s the weekend and your partner is already lamenting the loss of some good working hours. Make some use of the free nights and arrange a movie night, choosing a movie they’ve wanted to see for a long time. Arrange nachos, popcorn and drinks. Store your phones in the next room so your partner doesn’t get distracted and keep the lighting low.

Why? Because you know that if left to their own devices, they’ll probably never get to see the movie at all!

3. A Full Night’s Sleep

 Full Night’s Sleep

This one is pretty simple to arrange as well. Have some good food waiting for them when they get home. Arrange for a nice hot bath (with some bath bombs for women from Lovery), warm PJs and dim lighting. You do not want the TV blaring in the background. Also, turn their phone on silent so there are no annoying messages distracting them from their quest for a good night’s sleep.

Why? Nothing better than a full night’s sleep to rejuvenate an exhausted mind!

4. A Full Spa Night

This is like an amalgamation of all the above ideas! Start by buying a spa gift basket of their favorite scent from Lovery. Once you have it in your hands, arrange for their favorite food and make sure you have a lot of it. Once they’re done eating, lead them to the bathtub where a steaming hot bath would be ready and waiting, their favorite fragrance wafting from the warm water.

 Full Spa Night

Let them relax (or join in if they’re willing). But just be sure to arrange the bed so it becomes your impromptu massage area. Use the sensual oils and body lotions from the spa gift basket and put your massaging skills to the test. And remember; no cellphones allowed!

You can do it!

Follow the steps above and use your creativity to add some special touches to their day of relaxation! With a little help from Lovery, we are sure you’ll be able to treat your partner the way they should be treated; like royalty!

Everyone loves pampering themselves. It’s the perfect way to de-stress and relax after a long week!

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