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4 Reasons to Gift Body Care This Valentine’s Day

Why you should treat a galantine, new bae or committed partner to self-care from now on

Want more romance in your Valentine’s Day? Gift a pampering spa/body care basket to ensure your celebration is one loving moment after another. Now that self-care has become commonplace, luxurious “we” time is redefining romance for the next millennium.


  • Reason 1: Body Care Is Experiential

Research shows that experience gifts make for more lasting memories. And gifting body care affords you a chance to turn the evening into a sensual exploration. You may be handing over a basket of products, but once that shrink-wrap comes off, you and your lover are free to sample, swap and sniff—making body care a gift that could evoke feelings of romantic nostalgia for years to come.

Tip: mention your gift when writing out your greeting card or choose a card design that ties into your gift in some way for a seamless presentation that your recipient will appreciate even more.


  • Reason 2: Zero Calories

Body care makes the best Valentine’s Day gift, especially if you know your recipient is trying to diet, cut out sugar or just recover from their holiday foodcoma. When you present them with a spa basket full of luxurious lotions, creams, and skin soothers, you encourage the recipient to shift focus to improving complexion and boosting their mood—which is better than any sugar rush! Sweeten the deal by opting for a gift that smells like a luxurious sweet treat, while providing the same soothing benefits: think bath bombs that mimic a rose-scented truffle, dulce de leche, or her favorite gold-wrapped confection.

Tip: Create an even more memorable Valentine’s event by setting a super-romantic scene in your bedroom—we’re talking scattered rose petals, candlelight, the whole shebang—for a truly unforgettable holiday.

  •  Reason 3: Benefits Outlast the Season

Long after everyone else’s flowers and chocolate have vanished, a gift of body care will linger on their mind (and their vanity!). When you choose body care for your Valentine, you guarantee that your giftee will be able to enjoy their present’s fragrant, pampering benefits for weeks or even months down the road.

Tip: choose a body care collection that comes in a keepsake container to make it a true forever gift. We especially love retro bathtub tins—they’re the perfect way to display our prettiest guest soaps or fragrant potpourri.


  • Reason 4: Romance Is Built-In

This one’s a no-brainer: body care makes so much sense for Valentine’s Day, since a gift that needs to be massaged into the skin naturally lends itself to a night of romance. Look for spa gifts that include body butter, massage oil, bath salts, bath bombs or shower steamers (depending on how your giftee prefers to bathe).
Tip: opt for a spa gift that includes all the pampering treats they could want, plus a keepsake container in a tried-and-true shade of rosy red.


Can you think of more reasons to give body care this Valentine’s Day? Let us know in the comments!

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