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2023 Body Care & Beauty Trends

Learn how to future-proof your routine with this forward-thinking list

From multitasking products to the latest, buzzworthy ingredients, body care and beauty in 2023 will be all about maximum results for minimal effort. Isn’t it time you reinvented your regimen for a simpler, smarter new you?

  •  Clean Beauty

We know, you’re probably thinking, “again?” But the latest clean beauty trends go deeper than ever, with brands releasing products with fewer unpronounceables in their ingredient lists and more transparency into manufacturing and sustainability than ever. Non-toxic, plastic-free packaging will be the order du jour, paving the way for a world that presents fewer chances for our bodies, faces and environment in general to come into close contact with harmful chemicals.

  •  Eastern Influences

You may be aware of the booming popularity of K-beauty (as in Korean); the country that made snail cream a household word is once again at the forefront of beauty trends for 2023. Over the next year, the world will once again be looking to beauty products featuring unexpected Asian ingredients that get results: think yuzu, licorice root, kelp, ginseng and green tea.

  •  Serotonin-Boosting Scents

Let’s face it: the last few years have seen no small share of dark times. In 2023, body care brands will be banking on the power of fragrance to elevate the mood (at least temporarily). Since we welcome anything that helps us lighten up, we say bring on the citrus, bright florals, green botanicals and grounding woodsy fragrances—a great-smelling pick-me-up is just what the world needs.


  • Multitasking Products

With so much going on in the world and in our everyday lives, it can be hard to decompress. And when we want to relax, we don’t want to have to remember 17 steps and reach for the same number of bottles, tubes, jars and atomizers just to get ready for the day or bed. So, it’s no wonder that products that do double, or triple duty are at the top of trend lists. One staple that fits into this concept: tinted sunscreen. If you haven’t considered lightening up from traditional foundation, this is your cue.

  •  Mega Hydration

Smooth, supple, well-hydrated skin has never been more in demand. Mega-moisturizing ingredients like colostrum, vitamin F (linoleic acid), algae, blue tansy, kombucha, tremella mushrooms and sea fennel are all picking up steam as we head into 2023. However, this doesn’t mean you have to reinvent your hydration routine—as long as it’s working. The next time you finish moisturizing (after bathing, for instance), take a moment to evaluate the results and upgrade accordingly. The next twelve months will be no time to sport creases or dry, flaky skin anywhere.

  •  The Rise of the Silver Vixen

With more and more women giving hair color the heave-ho, beauty experts are recognizing the “grey wave”—a generation of women who are embracing their age even as they redefine how we view the years post single-process. Even millennials are jumping on the trend, with twenty-somethings allowing their locks to go platinum naturally. Whether you buck the trend or adopt a fun pastel rinse, the most important aspect of this trend is that you love the way you look and feel—grey hair or no.

 To sum up, 2023 beauty and body care trends are going to emphasize the power of the individual to choose cleaner, simpler methods and products that fit into a stripped-down routine that still gets impressive results. But that won’t necessarily mean less time spent on us: if anything, we’ll spend more time ensuring our faces and bodies are on point. Body care is the new self-care: welcome to the future!



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