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Vanilla Scented Natural Deodorant - 3pc Aluminum Free Antiperspirant Sticks

Vanilla Scented Natural Deodorant - 3pc Aluminum Free Antiperspirant Sticks

SKU: 24FJ018

A journey through vanilla, with its charming properties each fragrance tells its own story – together they create a narrative of adventure, relaxation, and warmth in this deodorant gift set

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Smells Like:

An explosion of vanilla twigs in a dense forest

Product Highlights

100% aluminum free deodorants
Features 48 hours of sweat protection
Luxury antiperspirant sticks
Assorted fragrances to match your mood

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Stamina is important in all areas of life. That’s why Lovery deodorant delivers 48-hour protection, maintaining freshness through all your tasks and activities. Navigating a hectic workday… enjoying a social evening… or basking in a quiet moment… whatever you’re doing, Lovery deodorant keeps you fresh and fragrant always. Our deodorant set emphasizes health and quality. In an industry where concerns about harmful ingredients are common, our products prioritize safety. Free from parabens and aluminum and enriched with vitamins, our deodorants offer more than just scent; they benefit your skin from the outside in.

Enjoy two full days of defense. With 48-hour coverage, navigate your day and night with confidence. Shield yourself from sweat and smell, combining odor-blocking fragrance with antiperspirant action for full deodorizing effect. 50g antiperspirant sticks are designed with your health in mind. Our womens deodorant is aluminum free and paraben-free natural deodorant, safe for sensitive skin. Enriched with vitamins to make your skin feel as good as it smells

Smells like

An explosion of vanilla twigs in a dense forest

Warm | Floral

100% Paraben Free

100% Cruelty Free

Made with Vitamin E

Safe on Sensitive Skin

Made with Essential Oils

Made with Shea Butter

made with love

By combining potent natural ingredients, ancient rituals, and modern science, Lovery creates beauty products that perform with experiences that transform. Our products are made with our utmost love and passion to bring you the cream of the crop body care and gift baskets.

made with care

Our product line consists of the finest fragrances and ingredients that will transport you to the destination of your dream. Lovery cares about you and the environment, therefore our products are made from recycled materials and sustainable packaging.