Red Rose and Jasmine Bath Set (6PCS)


JINGLE THE SPA BELL   ♥ There is no better Christmas present than the gift of stress relieving relaxation and calming bliss. With its SPA GEL EYE MASK you get a tranquil facial experience right home and relieve stress with the therapeutic hot and cold compress. It not only helps you relax and unwind, but can help puffy eyes, dark circles and relieve headaches and migraines. The mask is reusable and has a pretty red "Christmas" glitter effect. 

Get Ready For a Bath Experience Like You've Never Had Before!

Christmas Spa Bath and Body Set Includes
  • Sudsy Shower Gel provides a long-lasting scent (60ml)
  • Soothing Bubble Bath lets you relax to the max (270ml)
  • Rich, Emollient Lotion replenishes moisture (60ml)
  • Hot and Cold Gel Eye Mask
  • 2 Extra Large, Gold and Green Bath Bombs(150g)
  • Green and Red Ribbon for the ultimate presentation
  • Christmas and Festive Packaging
About the Fragrance

    CALMING JASMINE BATH ESSENTIALS - Experience pure indulgence as you soak in the serenity of Jasmine and Red Rose scented and infused bath products. As these gels and bath salts soften and moisturize your skin, the uniquely formulated fragrance will soothe and relax your entire body, putting your mind and heart at ease.


Indulge With a Bath Gift Set That's Good For Your Body & Environment!
Our signature line of Bath & Body Items are formulated with a blend of pure ingredients,
making it the perfect choice for all skin types - normal, dry, oily, or sensitive.

Enriched with Shea Butter which nourishes & moisturizes skin. Enriched with Vitamin E which provides age-reversing antioxidant properties.

Lovery's Bath Products are 100% Paraben-Free and Cruelty-Free for a Luxury Spa Gift Set that Provides Quality With No Compromises!