Red Rose and Jasmine Home Bath Set (6PCS)


JINGLE THE SPA BELL ♥ There is no better Christmas present than the gift of stress relieving relaxation and calming bliss. This stunning holiday gift basket will help transport a special lady in your life into a paradise of sweet, delicious fragrances that will sooth and invigorate her body and spirit.

Get Ready For a Bath Experience Like You've Never Had Before!

Christmas Spa Bath and Body Set Includes
  • Sudsy Shower Gel provides a long-lasting scent (120ml)
  • Soothing Bubble Bath lets you relax to the max (120ml)
  • Energizing Bath Salt detoxifies your body (50g)
  • Rich, Emollient Lotion replenishes moisture (60ml)
  • 2 Red Rose Soap Petals for the ultimate romantic bath
  • Santa Clause for the ultimate presentation
  • Christmas and Festive Packaging
About the Fragrance

RED ROSE SCENT ❤ Accurately deemed the king of flowers roses are famous for their complicated enticing aroma and this fragrance captures that heavenly essence. With a soft powdery voluptuous bouquet the scent of Red Rose will lead you to utter relaxation and leave you smelling fabulous all day. Allow yourself a well-deserved treat with Lovery's luxury basket of bath bomb products that are good to your body and gentle on your skin.

Indulge With a Bath Gift Set That's Good For Your Body & Environment!
Our signature line of Bath & Body Items are formulated with a blend of pure ingredients,
making it the perfect choice for all skin types - normal, dry, oily, or sensitive.

Enriched with Shea Butter which nourishes & moisturizes skin. Enriched with Vitamin E which provides age-reversing antioxidant properties.

Lovery's Bath Products are 100% Paraben-Free and Cruelty-Free for a Luxury Spa Gift Set that Provides Quality With No Compromises!