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Orchid Petals Spa Gift Set in White Orchid Fragrance Soaps

AROMATIC BATHS & ELEGANT DISPLAY ♥ Peel the petals and let them float in your bath as all your troubles floats along. Indulge with the soapy scented petals while unwinding from a day's long work. Store them as decorative scented flowers in your toilet to elevate the High End Look.

Get Ready For a Bath Experience Like You've Never Had Before!

  • 7 Stems of Soap Petals
  • 60ml Hand Lotion
  • 4 Bath Bombs
  • Beautiful Packaging for the Ultimate Presentation
  • Blank Gift Note Attached to Write her a Heartfelt Message
  • Organize a Ribbon for the Ultimate Presentation

CALMING JASMINE BATH ESSENTIALS ♥ Experience pure indulgence as you soak in the serenity of jasmine and white orchid scented and infused bath products. As these soaps and lotions soften and moisturize your skin, the uniquely formulated fragrance will soothe and relax your entire body, putting your mind and heart at ease.

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